What is QuBeR?

QuBeR, a portmanteau for Uber Quarterback Rating, is a contemporary metric for evaluating NFL Quarterbacks. It uses 11 accessible statistics to calculate 4 Fundamental Frequencies named Positive Touch Frequency (PTF), Yards Frequency (YDF), Touchdown Frequency (TDF), and Turnover Frequency (TOF), each ranging from 0 to 25 where a value of 12.5 is considered average. Sum each of those Frequencies and the result is QuBeR, which ranges from 0 to 100 where a value of 50 constitutes average Quarterback play. Want to calculate your own QuBeR? Head HERE for an online calculator.

What Makes QuBeR Unique?

In order for QuBeR to remain unique in a market saturated by similar metrics it at all times follows three tenets, to be Accessible, Contemporary, and Transparent. Each of these in isolation differentiates QuBeR from other industry standards but when applied together produce a uniquely valuable metric for NFL Circles.
Accessible Contemporary Transparent
In an era where there are 1000s of statistics used to calculate countless metrics access to data is at an all-time low. The vast majority of those statistics reside behind pay walls and are inaccessible to the majority of fans. QuBeR bucks this trend by utilizing only the most accessible of statistics. Do you have access to basic Box Scores? Then you have the ability to calculate QuBeR. No professional sport changes more consistently than the NFL, so shouldn't the metrics we use to analyze it change as well? While other metrics use static formulas that never change (e.g., Passer Rating), QuBeR's formulas update each season. By re-baselining what it means to be "Average" each season QuBeR becomes contemporary by nature evolving with the trends of current day NFL. There have been many metrics developed to assist with analyzing NFL Quarterback play, nearly all of which have kept their formulas hidden from the public eye (e.g., ESPN's QBR) in an effort to maintain their proprietary status. This strategy introduces a certain level of distrust reducing the value of said metric. QuBeR's formulas will always be publicly available providing the transparency necessary to trust the values produced.

How is QuBeR calculated?

QuBeR is calculated by summing the result of each of the 4 Fundamental Frequencies. All Frequencies rely heavily on a common Sigmoid Function best known as the Logistic Curve, an S-Curve that sees its greatest growth/decline at a defined midpoint. The midpoint for each function equates to the average per play value of the Frequency being calculated. Passing a Quarterback's raw statistics through each Frequency Formula produces a value for each of the 4 Fundamental Frequencies which combine to create QuBeR.
The midpoint for each formula is acquired by analyzing a 5-Season Rolling Average. The raw statistics of the Top-32 Quarterbacks, by Touches, over the previous 5 Seasons are gathered and then averaged to find the per play value for multiple statistics. This of course requires defining Touches which is the sum of Pass Attempts + Rush Attempts + Receptions + Sacks and represents the foundation from which QuBeR is built. QuBeR Sigmoid

Calculating Positive Touch Frequency (PTF)

Positive Touch Frequency (PTF) is the number of Positive Plays divided by the number of Touches. Positive Plays are defined as the sum of Completions + Rush Attempts + Receptions. PTF is adjusted to 0 in the event of a Raw PTF of 0% and 25 in the event of a Raw PTF of 100%. PTF assures that Quarterbacks are successfully achieving positive yardage therefore assuring Down & Distance consistently resets. This Frequency fully embraces the criticism that not all Rush Attempts are positive but chooses to interpret them as such in order to maintain QuBeR's status as an "Accessible" formula. QuBeR PTF Sigmoid

Calculating Yards Frequency (YDF)

Yards Frequency (YDF) is the number of Total Yards divided by the number of Touches. Total Yards is defined as the sum of Pass Yards + Rush Yards + Receiving Yards - Sack Yards. YDF is an overarching Yards per Attempt statistic which includes Sacks and the negative yards associated with them. While it is fair to argue against the inclusion of Sacks QuBeR was developed on the, often proved, assumption that Sacks have a greater correlation with poor Quarterback play than poor Offensive Line play. QuBeR YDF Sigmoid

Calculating Touchdown Frequency (TDF)

Touchdown Frequency (TDF) is the number of Total Touchdowns divided by the number of Touches. Total Touchdowns is defined as the sum of Pass Touchdowns + Rush Touchdowns + Receiving Touchdowns. TDF is adjusted to 0 in the event of a Raw TDF of 0%. QuBeR TDF Sigmoid

Calculating Turnover Frequency (TOF)

Turnover Frequency (TOF) is the number of Total Turnovers divided by the number of Touches. Total Turnovers is defined as the sum of Interceptions + Fumbles Lost. TOF is adjusted to 25 in the event of a Raw TOF of 0%. Fumbles Lost were included as opposed to Total Fumbles because the latter forces an objective measure into QuBeR which is something that is intended to be avoided. QuBeR TOF Sigmoid